Responsible Packaging

Reduce your environmental impact and switch to responsible packaging!

Sustainability is a decisive purchasing factor and one of the biggest social concerns nowadays.  Companies from all sectors are increasingly commited to responsible packaging, do you know why? We explain the reasons below!

Reducing marine waste is in our hands

Approximately 8 million tons of waste end up on our seas and oceans every year. Only 20% of it come from activities developed in the sea, the rest of them come from the land and as a consequence of not  depositing the garbage in its rightful place.

For this reason, the industry, the administration and the citizens must all control and reduce the quantity of residues that end up on dumping sites. The industry is developing programs to avoid the loss of raw materials, left on natural spaces. The administration is establishing  infrastructures to ease the management of residues. A good use of the products as well as leaving the residues on recycling centers is on everyone’s hands.

Sustainable packaging: improving branding

In a society that is more and more  aware about environmental issues, internal interest groups (stockholders and employees) and external groups (consumers) place brands under a microscope. That is why packaging has adapted to the  current times reducing its size, changing or erasing contaminating materials and being eco-friendly with the environment.

Right now, companies of every sector have their eye on sustainable packaging elaboration, whose impact on the environment is minimal. The benefits are not only for theecosystem: responsible packaging also improves the brand image since it projects a brand’s compromise and it encourages the development of its corporate social responsibility.

In fact, Coca-Cola Group has recently presented a new sustainability report. It states that the main goal for the company is to collect 100% of their packaging so that none of it ends up as a residue, and for this,  practically all of the packaging is recycled or reusable.

In this sense, which are the materials we should use for our packaging to be environmentally friendly?

Cardboard, 100% recyclable and ecological

Folding carton is a sustainable packaging by definition.  It is 100% recyclable, ecological and also because of its quick disintegration: it breaks down in a year. This material is a clear and outstanding example of the circular economy.

In any case, the benefits of employing cardboard are not only environmental. Visually, folding carton generates endless creative possibilities, resulting in more attractive packaging. Furthermore, it is a light-weight, economical, easy to manipulate and to carry away.

At Nekicesa Packaging we have been working with cardboard packaging for many years, as well as studying it and learning about all its applications. We are firmly committed with our environment, so we keep constant control on the raw materials we use and we promote a sustainable managing of the forest with FSC®/PEFC certifications. 

If you have any concern or you want to trust us to make your  responsible packaging, tell us here!

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