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Dispensation of Bollinos? 4 key issues to apply to your pharmaceutical packaging

As we announced in a previous article, the application of Bollinos in folding cartons is an indispensable requirement for medicines that are marketed in Italy, and are subject to a special legislation that contemplates this and other measures in this respect.

The application of these labels (Bollinos) in the folding cartons of drugs generates certain doubts in the pharmaceutical packaging sector, given the complexity and lack of knowledge of the current legislation, as well as its correct implementation with folding cartons.

In order to carry out an effective implementation of the application, it’s necessary having a thorough knowledge of the Italian legislation and possess adequate infrastructure to avoid any failure in labeling and coding, that otherwise could lead to unnecessary losses for manufacturers and distributors.

Being Nekicesa a specialized firm in pharmaceutical packaging, we have firsthand knowledge of the processes to follow, as we are in continuous contact with professionals of the sector and of the latest drug verification regulations.

Thus, we’ll explain the major processes and advice for the application of the Bollinos in folding cartons:

1- Custody and storage process

The handling of the Bollinos must be careful and methodical. Given it’s a safety component, they must be stored in a restricted place and be subjected to a checking process prior to their manipulation.

2- Pre-verification

Any type of transfer carried out with the labels must be subject to verification, taking into account elements such as AIC, sequential numbering and the winding direction among others.

Upon confirming that the information coincides with the record, it’s approved for handling and later dispensing in folding cartons. In this process, the Bollino is subject to an additional control automated by machines.

3- Dispensation

Finally, we proceed to sticking bollino in the folding carton. It’s essential to ensure a correct application of the label (Bollino), taking into account the direction and the placement, as well as the sequential numbers and the information contained therein.

The machines perform an online analysis parallel to the dispensing to verify that the data and the positioning are adequate, coincide with the record, and automatically discard those that present defects.

This process can also be done manually, which implies a considerable increase in costs in terms of time and money, which can also incur in a greater margin of error when proceeding in dispensing.

4- Documentation and reconciliation

The requirements regarding the verification and traceability of folding cartons often involve bureaucracy difficult to solve for pharmaceutical packaging suppliers.

In this regard, the dispensing of the Bollinos also involves the elaboration of additional documents that show the unit reconciliation of each label, control of the stock and justify each discarded unit.

Further information: Download our presentation and find out all you need to know about your packaging according to the italian regulations and bollinos:

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