The greatest challenge for your product: to stand out in the aisle

Packaging is playing an increasingly significant role in selling a product, and has become one of the most important marketing tools in the consumer goods industry to get your product to stand out in the aisle.

As a consequence, packaging design, materials and finishes are essential for the creation of a unique effect which will differentiate the product and attract the consumer.

Catching the eye of the consumer

How many different product brands and varieties are showcased in supermarkets, pharmacies or perfume stores? Without doubt, competition is fierce and it is constantly innovating in order to achieve greater visibility at the point of sale, whether it is through offers, POS material or the use of attractive packaging.

As some studies have shown, the majority of consumers (60%), make the purchase decision in the establishment itself, which means that despite advertising and other media, the viewing of products and what the packaging suggests play a large part in the purchasing process.

For that reason, packaging differentiation through the introduction of special materials and the creation of added value increases the chances of a product standing out in the aisle.

Differentiating elements using packaging

At Nekicesa we are specialists in the production of packaging and have extensive experience in the application of added value elements in folding cartons. Let’s review some of the elements that could make your packaging more attractive and eye-catching:

Metallic finishes:

  • Printing in polyester: The client’s packaging is laminated at Nekicesa’s site using metallic polyester, which is subsequently printed on. It can be printed using transparent inks to obtain a metallic effect, or using opaque ink for non-metallic-like
  • Hot Foil Stamping: The application of metallic prints to specific sections of the folding carton: texts, logos, images, etc.
  • Metallic inks: Special inks, containing gold, silver or bronze pigments. They are opaque and can be printed on.
  • Holograms and holographic laminates: They are generally applied as a security feature to prevent counterfeiting, although they are increasingly being used as a differentiating, eye-catching effect in packaging design.


  • Embossing and debossing: Embossing creates a raised surface which can be felt when touching it. Debossing creates the opposite effect, giving depth to packaging details. Both textures are achieved through the die-cutting process, and may be combined with inks to create various effects.
  • Varnishes and plastic coatings:
    • Tactile effects through plastic coating: Silk, skin effect, burnished steel effect, etc.
    • Gloss– Matt combinations: This creates tactile, visual contrast, picking out specific design elements.
    • Drip-off /UV 3D varnish: This creates an embossed effect through the overprinting using a varnish to highlight specific design elements.
    • Pearlescent, mother-of-pearl, etc.


Other finishes:

  • Plastic coatings: Plastic coating protects the packaging and provides greater strength.
  • Special inks: Fluorescent and luminescent inks, and even inks containing microparticles. They provide a unique packaging finish. These inks can be custom manufactured for a single client.
  • Windows: Through an opening on the front, we can show the public the product. Depending on the format, several types of window are possible, revealing either the entire product or a featured part.ink2These special finishes may be combined with creative packaging design, in order to obtain even more surprising effects.Safety and ANTI-counterfeitING FEATURESPackaging Safety elements, as with finishes used in the manufacture of folding cartons for cosmetic lines, are also essential for product protection, and to safeguard the reputation of the brand.Consequently, decisions regarding packaging design and materials must not be taken lightly, as they determine the future conservation of the product, together with the end user’s guarantee of authenticity.

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