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Packaging Trends Shaping Up for 2019

In a supermarket shelf, a product has less than 10 seconds to be chosen among the competitors, so the challenge for every brand is to make an impact and to generate a positive purchase decision on the end consumer. That is why detecting new personal trends and preferences on advance is essential. In this way, they will be able to offer just what the consumers need before they even demand it.

Regarding the packaging sector, this area is constantly progressing together with social changes and technological advances. Minimal, useful and interactive designs will set the course this year. According to the 2019 report for Packaging Trends by Coolhunting Group, this year’s highlights will be:

1. Go back to the beginning. As a response to globalization and lack of authenticity, brands decide to add cultural elements as unique selling factor through designs that try to convey traditions, art, and local architecture. Product’s origin shines through packaging,  extolling our roots pride.

2. User experience. In this case, the user is motivated to interact with the packaging and different initiatives have been developed to improve the user experience. The user can participate both manually and analogically, by means of augmented reality with personalized cartons or by means of intelligent packaging (for instance,  helping the user to buy the product before it is sold out).

3. Spiritual inspiration. Users try to look inside in an attempt to run away from their busy and hyper-connected life. In relation to the ‘mindfulness’ trend, there is packaging aiming to connect with the divine, the life mysteries, and the ancestral traditions. Along the same lines, we can find designs representing women empowering.

4. Boosting practicality. Packaging is adapted to the active lifestyle of the consumers, making easier the use on the go: ready to consume, easy to open, easy to close and to carry with you. In this connection, we can find more functional folding carton, smaller doses, and even single-dose products.

5. Sustainable responsibility. Conscious consumerism drives clients to search healthier products that respect the environment. As for packaging, this involves reducing plastic packaging, ‘zero waste’ and betting on the circular economy. Consumers are becoming more interested in products that incorporate reusable packaging, such as buying in bulk, to avoid consuming unnecessary boxes, even concerning products such as soaps and gels to reduce the accumulation of boxes.

6. Connecting with the youth. Millennials and Z Generation’ likes and dislikes are also factors affecting packaging design. Now, the latest goal for manufacturers is to speak their language and produce designs that could end up on Instagram (appealing to humor, irony, emotion, and co-creation).

Objective: 2030

For 2030, every plastic box on the market inside the EU will have to be reusable or recyclable. To meet this goal, the packaging sector must deal with several changes. Some of the solutions are to find new and reusable materials for durable packaging, also allowing for proper recycling. In fact, the Circular Economy will be the central axis for the European MeetingPack 2019, the main focus being “Trends in sustainable barrier packaging: towards the objective H2030“.

Which will be the trending color?

Living coral. This particular pink with orange hues, Pantone 16-1546, will be the color for 2019. The announcement was made by Pantone Color Institute, considered a worldwide authority in these matters. The company explains that this hue brings warmth, and it is true that, in our day-to-day lives, more and more often we look for authentic and immersive experiences that allow for connection and intimacy.

It is noteworthy that Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced for over 20 years on product development and purchase decision in several industries, including fashion, home decor, and industrial design, as well as product, graphic and packaging designs.

Innovation, closeness, and sustainability

As we have seen, innovation, closeness and sustainability are the key points for the sector in 2019. In Nekicesa Packaging we have already taken notes and we are looking for the most creative way to interpret our consumers’ needs, emotions and expectations. Our challenge is to offer solutions that allow to anticipate this sector’s evolution and adapt to current and future changes.

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