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Nekicesa together with HP, inspiring companies in packaging

Last 4th of April we organized a breakfast meeting together with Packnet (Spanish Platform for Packaging) and with HP‘s participation to talk about the latest news and possibilities for packaging as a marketing tool.

The event took place at the Vincci Soma Hotel, in Madrid. There we met with cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and retail companies and we discussed on how to impact consumers and improve their loyalty towards the brand through digital printing on packaging. Our Managing Director, Kerman Elordi, and HP Indigo and PWP for Iberia General Manager, Miquel Olivé, were the speakers at the breakfast.

During the day, packaging was valued as an essential element for product delivery to customers. ‘We want to show marketing managers that packaging is one of the strongest tools to impact and convince the user’, noted Kerman Elordi. And he pointed out: ‘This is now possible and very effective thanks to the variable printing, that allows companies to create differentiated, targeted and personalized campaigns, of great visual impact and adaptable to geographical areas, events or even being a participant of the moment in which the product is being used’.

In fact, Miquel Olivé commented that currently, packaging has become part of the marketing mix. ‘How we get closer to the client, how we communicate with the market, and how we offer to the public what they are looking for’, those were the key points given by HP Índigo’s General Manager. He also highlighted the importance of being present wherever millennials are.

Digital printing advantages

Technology development of digital printing for large format has been crucial for this packaging ‘revolution’, in which design is ever more important and changeable. In this regard, limited editions, seasonal packaging, special editions for establishments and unique creations using Mosaic or Edge Printing techniques – developed by HP – are tools available to every company that wants to stand out on the shelf.

These elements provide a commercial differentiation both at shops and other more exclusive distribution chain thanks to the increase of the product’s visibility at the sales point. Our Managing Director also highlighted the security provided by digital printing, since it allows for the codification, traceability, and anti-counterfeit of the product.


A more exclusive differentiation

Most of the attendees to this breakfast meeting where Marketing departments representatives who agreed on the importance of variable printing of packaging when connecting in a more exclusive, personalized way with consumers.

At Nekicesa Packaging, we incorporated in 2017 an Indigo 3000 digital printer, to meet companies’ packaging demands and ensure flexibility and agility in the print runs, that may be short and variable, with an offset printing quality.

To sum up, digital printing presents us with endless applications to interact with consumers and it is an area ready to be explored. But, do you know what type of explorer you are? Complete this test and discover your digital profile! At Nekicesa Packaging we will guide you on how to get the most out of your projects.

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