Nekicesa leads Packnet work group about accessible packaging and adherence to medical treatment

On November the 8th, a day of work was organized at PACKNET (Madrid) about packaging accessibility and the patients’ adherence to treatment. Nekicesa, leading the group, managed the day  where several professionals of the pharmaceutical and the packaging industries, such as Zambón, ONCE, CEAPAT or Fundación SERES, collaborated together.

Concerned about the alarming data about adherence to treatment, considering that only 50% of the users follow their treatment correctly, some of the topics discussed were on how to innovate with more intuitive packaging that facilitate the follow up of the prescription. On top of that, it was  highlighted that one of the bases to improve is by getting constant information about the patient and by educating him.

Regarding accessible packaging, one of the priorities of the industry, a special emphasis was placed on the key elements for as many people as possible to get access to treatment, especially those with disabilities, as well as the relevant information  that manufacturers must include on the packaging .

The attendees agreed that both pharma labs and packaging manufacturers, as well as clients, have to work hand in hand to create more effective solutions and projects that contribute to universal accessibility of medicines and an effective monitoring of treatment.

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