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Remarkable printing progress aimed to cosmetic packaging

Can you imagine that your product includes their name? Can you imagine that it is made exclusively for him or for her?

Can you imagine that your packaging is totally customised for any special celebration? (Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary…)

Can you imagine  not having to order a high print run to check your first tests?

Thanks to the arrival of new services to Nekicesa, such as digital printing and NGPS  (Nekicesa Global Packaging Solutions), huge opportunities and innovations are arising to cosmetic packaging. As an example of this new path, brands may be customized, in order to persuade and increase customer loyalty.

The cosmetic packaging, one step ahead

If a suitable packaging is fundamental in any product marketing mix, it is especially in the cosmetics sector and the perfume industry, not only to customize the products’ appearance, but also to make a purchase decision.

Therefore, cosmetics sector invests considerable efforts in order to provide the packaging with the attractiveness, modernity and dynamism required to connect it with the beauty, the elegance or the differential value of each product.

In addition to include technical information and comply with legal standards, the commercial function of the packaging reaches special relevance, with a common goal: improving the attractiveness through creativity, imagination and innovation.

How does digital printing benefit cosmetic packaging?

The cosmetic sector may make huge profits from the latest Nekicesa services, considering this as a sector with continuous innovation and the ability to tell stories in order to gain customers’ loyalty.

On the one hand, digital printing offers design flexibility and enables to produce on-demand orders without the need to group together entire orders to get the best price. Thus, cosmetic sector and perfume industry are able to get highest quality printing, by reducing short run costs and by encouraging a personalised packaging. Given these conditions, they may increase the product value while achieving competitiveness and sustainable objectives.

On the other hand, throughout its recently created company, NGPS, Nekicesa provides from now on design and layout services of folding cartons, labels and leaflets in order to enable the artworks management. From the design creation to any modification in texts, colours or units, Nekicesa will be capable of ensuring a great flexibility to these companies.

With all these functions, cosmetic and perfume brands may gain an additional value in order to guarantee a complete safety about the satisfaction of the result without making a false move, while they have the possibility to customize their packaging, reflect their identity and transmit the perfect balance between visual strength and logistical capabilities.

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