Responsible Packaging

Recycling and reusing packaging we accumulated during Christmas

At this time of the year, we seem to  accumulate every kind of gift boxes all around the house. After the festivities, it is time for some cleaning and organizing. But we cannot dispose of all those containers lightly, the most ecological solution would be to reuse them.

New uses: your imagination is the limit

As we explained before, Christmas time is the period of the year in which brands try their best to get a differentiating effect and develop design packaging solutions which  catch our attention and bring out the magic of the holidays. The result is so valued by customers that, after receiving their Christmas gifts, many of them do not want to get rid of that original – and in some cases, even personalized – packaging the gift was in.

Some will look for the way to reuse that packaging: they will store some of their belongings in those boxes and they may even create different objects based off of them. They will be giving a second life to those containers.

On top of reusing them, there is always the possibility to recycle them. In fact, packaging manufacturers and suppliers have the responsibility to ease the task  to customers. Our commitment means to think deeper about the materials used to produce these containers. Because this kind of special packaging, apart from conceiving something original and remarkable, should be easily recyclable.

A committed society

People are more and more concerned about what they consume and the effects of  that consumption has on the environment. In fact, eight out of ten Spanish people declare that the environmental impact of the packaging they buy, actually affects their purchase decision. Therefore, the trend is to favor brands and products that bet on environmental sustainability. This is the conclusion brought by a Pro Carton study, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers.

Some of the most outstanding learnings of this study are:

Carton containers are perceived as the most ecological and recyclable packaging, followed by glass.

Two-thirds of Spanish consumers have changed the brands or products they use due to packaging. In most cases, because the packaging was not recyclable or because of the excessive and unnecessary wrapping.

– Consumers are ready to pay more for a product if it has a lesser impact on the environment.

92% of Spanish consumers would choose to go grocery shopping in a mall or establishment that actively encourages their suppliers to adopt more environmentally respectful packaging and policies.

– Spanish consumers agree on packaging that includes more information about environmental sustainability.

Challenges for manufacturers and citizens

There is a piece of significant information: 80% of the environmental impacts of any product can be dealt with at the design stage. More and more companies are aware of this and there is still a lot of work ahead to incorporate ‘ecodesign’ in packaging manufacturing. We have already named the strategies to implement: manufacturing one-material packaging, with non-polluting environmental components and, when mixing materials, try to ease their separation  to their consumer.

We citizens should also try to  choose environmental friendly packaging and avoid containers that contain elements which are difficult to recycle, thus sending a message to manufacturers. When buying, people should take into consideration its usefulness and simplicity, not only the aesthetics. Of course, this task should remain throughout the year, not only during the Christmas season.

Nekicesa Packaging’s role

In Nekicesa Packaging we are committed with the environment as well as with our clients and suppliers’ comfort. At Nekicesa Packaging we encourage the managing of sustainable forests through the FSC/PEFC certifications, based on the chain of custody standards. These ensure sustainable traceability of the raw material used in every  stage of the productive process and its commercialization. For us, offering quality services is as important as contributing to improving society.

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