Serialized Printing: Objective of the Directive for 2019

In other of our articles, we have dealt with the new applications of the Directive 2011/6, a proposal at a European level that aims for the implementation of a structural and computerized framework to guarantee the traceability of medicines. In this article we focus on explaining how serialized printing and coding processes are used in the industry to include all the information required by the Directive.

The serialization of cases is presented as an imperative need so as to conduct rigorous and reliable tracking of medicines, avoiding the falsifications and, therefore, guarantee the safety of citizens.

In order to ensure the identification of products at any time, Europe has defined some technological requirements, unified for the whole territory, that facilitate the reading and control, that, in the matter of serialization, should be fully operational by 2019.

All cases must have information pertaining to the product ID, the serial number, national code, batch number and expiration date. To add all this information to the product, the implementation of a two-dimensional (2D) reading code will be mandatory.

Contrary to the 1d code bars, 2d can contain and encode information in less space. The DataMatrix code has been the selected option to include all the previously mentioned drug related data.

This system is characterized as being more precise, faster and safer than others. Concerning the reading of information, as well as its coding, it isn’t altered even if the image is damaged.

To make possible optimum serialized printing of these codes, in Nekicesa we use Dod (Drop on Demand) or drip injection technology. The ink is ejected only when required, driven by an electric field, so there is no excess or blurring in the printing of the code, offering great quality in the final result.

This system also allows for serialized printing of more than 100 different codes, both in 2d and 1d, reaching the highest degree of grading, i.e. the highest coding capacity.

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