At Essentra Packaging we work in order to guarantee and improve the efficiency of our customers’ packaging lines. For that purpose, we have the required technology and we make the processes in-house to meet the challenging requests of each client on a competitive and cost-effective basis. 

We carry out the processes at our facilities, to ensure a competitive delivery time, while making an exhaustive monitoring of every process.

Braille and Accubraille

At Essentra Packaging we apply braille based on the European standard UNE-EN ISO 17351. Accubraille or accubraille, which simplifies the preparation process.


Pressing over the design to highlight an embossed stamp.

Hot foil stamping

We apply metalic stampations on specific parts of the packaging: logos, texts, designs, etc.

Interiors y special bottoms

We can produce different types of interiors and special bottoms that best suit each packaging project.


We have a window glue machine to reveal the content of the packaging.


In our facilities we apply the polyester in the selected cardboard. Later, it will be printed with transparent inks to achieve the metallic effect or with covering inks for the non-metallic areas.

Value added services

Pre-serialisation platforms: Drop on Demand system

Safety label dispenser, RFID and Bollino for the Italian market

ComboPackTM, the adhesion of a leaflet to the folding carton

Breaking news

Latest developments in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging

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At Essentra Packaging we meet the quality standards of the most demanding industries, working according to the GMP of the pharmaceutical sector. Check out our certifications.