Complementary technologies.

At Essentra Packaging, we have the best offset technology of the market. Moreover, to have a better understanding of the needs of each client, we have digital printing technology within our large variety of equipment. This technology complements traditional offset printing, encouraging more creative packaging production, smaller batches, and designs that change frequently.

Technical aspects.

Suitable and complementary:

Offset printing

  • Fixed printing
  • Large format (100×70)
  • Long set up time
  • High speed
  • Productivity for large batches

Digital printing

  • Variable printing/ Personalisation
  • Half sheet (50×70)
  • Flexibility for small batches
  • Waste reduction
  • Colour tests

Advantages of combining offset and digital technologies

  • Optimisation of resources in short runs and high productivity in large batches.
  • Use of both technologies to deal with the demands of different markets.
  • Production flexibility, improves to meet different requirements.
  • Optimisation of production waste, contributes to fulfil sustainability objectives.
  • Offset printing provides the application of different anti-counterfeiting measures: invisible inks, reactive inks, special inks, etc.
  • Digital Printing enable design changes and the creation of special packaging: different product lines, mosaics, etc.
  • Digital printing allows the creation of mock-ups for marketing decisions and for market tests.

The maturity of the digital technology, the quality of the colours and finishes that the HP Indigo 30000 achieves, together with our expertise and background, has led us to combine both technologies in order to meet our customer’s needs.

What benefits digital printing?

Flexibility for the designs

Short and frequent runs at a competitive cost

Variable codification, Serialisation, Track&Trace

Unit personalisation

Colour stability

Limited editions, printed mock-ups and colour tests

Explore the Digital printing and discover all the benefits

Answer the test and find out your digital profile.

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