We help you to create your triple balance packaging: the responsible packaging that benefits the company in the economic, social and sustainable areas.

We work with the client to find sustainable, innovative and personalized solutions that guarantee a triple benefit. Our commitment is to allow the customer an easy packaging management, from its ideation to its production, in order to facilitate the fulfilment of their business and sustainable development objectives.

Triple balance packaging


Because we contribute to the welfare of society with our employment and equality policies as well as with accessibility-oriented products.


Because each solution implies an excellent investment for the client, either because of the improvement of the brand image, the guarantee of operation in the lines, the achievement of an added value or the protection of the product that improves its transport performance.


Because all the solutions take into account the environmental impact, we strive to minimize the carbon footprint and optimize the resources management.

What is sustainable packaging and how is it achieved?


We produce folding cartons made from raw materials that can be totally or partially recycled. We always work with suppliers to introduce materials with the minimum environmental impact.


We make continuous improvements in our production process and in the packing lines so that we reduce our carbon footprint.

Post-consumption use

We work with the customer from the packaging creation phase, bringing ideas and techniques so that the packaging impact is neutral or positive, giving it new uses or incorporating it back into the production cycle.

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