Our label and leaflet production services are designed to provide our customers with a complete supply of secondary material, within all the added values ​​we offer as high-quality packaging manufacturers.


According to our commitment to facilitate our clients their packaging creation, at Essentra Packaging we also manufacture labels. We have the required label printing equipment that allows us to fulfil our customers packaging needs.

Our vision system technology guarantee:

  • Numbering on front and back
  • 100% presence
  • Text error

Added value in labels:

At Essentra Packaging we have international scope and coverage for the production and supply of labels and leaflets.

Among others, we work with Tamper Evidence labels that complies with the European Directive 2011/62 on counterfeiting of medicines, these labels are used as opening evidence system or as detection of some package manipulation.


Our leaflets are manufactured in different sizes and formats: flat, folded, and in roll, all designed to fit with high-speed packaging lines.

We have modern inspection, error recognition and layout equipment’s that ensures high-quality standards.

Essentra Packaging presents a wide variety of machinery sizes to produce big and complex leaflets. This allows us to meet our customers’ needs of including multiple languages in the printed material as well as to meet the changing legislative requirements.

Leaflet formats

  • Plane leaflets
  • Parallel / cross folding
  • Simple and double sheet booklets
  • Multiple piece leaflets
  • Mini books and cards
  • Glued outsert or tagsert folded leaflets
  • Leaflets combinations, multi-page, multi-unit

Roller formats

  • Simple roller
  • Anti-counterfeit measures
  • Double, triple and quadruple pre-folded leaflets (PFL): perfect for high speed carton lines with internal folded leaflet

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At Essentra Packaging we meet the quality standards of the most demanding industries, working according to the GMP of the pharmaceutical sector. Check out our certifications.